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Five Perfect Occasions to Surprise Your Mate with a Toronto Limousine Whether you have been dating for a short time or long time, if you are engaged, or even married, renting a Toronto limousine can do a lot to spice up a date or make that special someone feel pampered. Here are five unexpected occasions to wow your significant other with a Toronto limousine:

1. Airport Pick-up. Maybe you just had the trip of a lifetime and are heading back home to the daily grind; surprise her with a Toronto limousine waiting at the airport to squeeze that last ounce of opulence out of your vacation. If you are dating someone who takes frequent business trips, the next time he flies back home, hire him a Toronto limousine to ride home in. Your partner will love the luxurious leg room and leather seats to spread out in after long periods spent cramped on a plane.

2. Perfect Proposal. You knew that she was the one since you caught her singing Bon Jovi into her hair brush one morning while she was getting ready for work. Now is the time to pop the ultimate question, and renting a Toronto limousine is a romantic gesture she won't soon forget. Take her out to the restaurant where you had your first date, or to a moonlit beach, or a baseball game, and take a knee. Once she has given her seal of approval, retreat back to your Toronto limousine where you have pre-arranged a special treat for two of champagne and strawberries.

3. No-Kids Date Night. Children are our future, and of course you love yours to death, but sometimes Mommy and Daddy need a little time to themselves. Caring for children can make you lose sight of that spark that brought you together in the first place. To reignite that spark, hire a Toronto limousine to chauffeur you somewhere that you couldn't go with your kids. Finally visit that chic restaurant you have been dying to try or go see a show at the theater. Before you go relieve the babysitter, have your Toronto limousine driver take you a couple times around the block and truly relish that alone time with one another. Who knows when you will enjoy this much quiet time again?

4. Holiday Joy. When the air gets chilly and the sky threatens snow, folks start pulling out the multi-colored lights and lighting their menorahs making whole neighborhoods glow with holiday spirit. There is undoubtedly something magical about this time of year. Grab your mate and a few other couples and hire a Toronto limousine to go out cruising for holiday lights. This could be a nice respite from hectic holiday shopping and a time to fully appreciate the season without a care in the world. Sip on some festive eggnog or cider and bring along a CD of carols to play in the background.

5. Birthday Bash. Make their day all about being pampered. Schedule a day out for your partner and their friends and rent a Toronto limousine to transport them all from place to place. She and her girlfriends are sure to enjoy a day at the spa or some theater tickets, while he and his buddies might like some time out on the links followed by dinner or a concert. Whatever it is that your significant other enjoys, let them spend this day in guilt-free indulgence.